Looking for the Most Bang for Your Buck? Listen to Michael.


Would you rather introduce your organization to 20,000 random people across the city or 2,000 moms with school-aged children living in your neighborhood?

That’s the promise of digital marketing.  When done right, it delivers at a fraction of the price of mass media.  You only pay for results (cost per click), you get amazing data on what’s working, and you can make quick changes based on that data.  You don’t need a huge budget; just some time and a little wisdom from those master marketers, The Jackson 5.


A - Audience

Build a target audience based on the core 70-80% of the people you’re currently serving (or want to serve, if you’re expanding into a new area).  What gender are they? How old are they? Where do they live? What are their interests?

B - Budget

How much do you have to spend?  Even $5 or $10 a day can make a big difference. It’s generally best to spend 25% of your budget for a given campaign on a few different types of ads to see what works and then spend the rest on your top-performing ads. 

C - Content

You want something really engaging that gets people to stop scrolling and start clicking.  Pair a close-up of a really happy kid (or an adult with a really happy kid) with one compelling sentence that speaks directly to your audience.  Make sure the photos don’t look posed and don’t use stock photos!

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

1 - Social Media Ads

Setting up a Facebook ad is the easiest, most targeted, and least expensive way to reach people.  Spend some time building a very specific audience to get the most bang for your buck.

2 - Search-Based Ads

Google AdWords is a great way to target people based on what they're already searching for.  It also gives your website the chance to jump the line to the top of search results.

3 - Remarketing Ads

You know those shoes you were looking at the other day that keep following you around the internet?  Those are remarketing ads.  Yes, they’re a little creepy, but they’re also really effective in keeping you top of mind and encouraging people to come back to your site.  A Pew study found that the average customer visits a website 6 times before making a purchase.  Google AdWords or AdRoll are both good resources for these ads.

If you want an even simpler or less expensive approach, consider using just Facebook ads paired with remarketing on both Facebook and Google AdWords.

See, Michael was right.  Sing a simple melody, that’s how easy ads can be.